579 S. Indiana Ave. Suite C, Englewood, FL 34223


Now located at Jewell Chiropractic

579 S. Indiana Ave. Ste. C

Englewood, FL  34223


Now located at Jewell Chiropractic

579 S. Indiana Ave. Ste. C

Englewood, FL  34223

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Massage Styles

We use a variety of massage bodywork styles to provide a custom massage experience specific to your needs.  We've been trained in multiple modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Massage Cupping, NMT, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Medical Massage, Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Reflexology and Cranial/Sacral work.   We can also provide an Aromatherapy Massage incorporating essential oils known for there health enhancing qualities.  We can help you with stress induced pain or assist with recovery from accidents and injuries.

Benefits of Massage

Release Stress and Anxiety


A Swedish or Hot Stone Massage will melt away your stress, anxiety and tension. Massage enhances sleep,, reduces fatigue,  improves mood and well being.

Increases Flexibility


Integrative, Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage increases flexibility, improves muscle function, eliminates tight sore muscles while increasing soft tissue function.   

Increases Circulation


A full body massage increases your circulation, improves immune function, reduces  chronic pain issues, headaches, pain from osteoarthritis and much more.   Regular massage therapy keeps the body moving.