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Located at the Zen1540 Day Spa

1540 S. McCall Road

Englewood, Florida


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Dreamscape Massage LLC is located at Zen1540 Day Spa, 1540 S. McCall Road, Englewood, FL  34223

Massage Therapy Modalities 

* Therapeutic Massage

* Swedish Massage

* MPS Pain Therapy

* Deep Tissue

* Integrative Massage

* Myofascial Massage

* Medical Massage

* Massage Cupping

* Trigger Point Massage

* Luxury Massage

* Hot Stone Massage

* Aromatherapy Massage

Custom Massage Experience

Our Therapeutic Massage is our signature service which is a  customized massage experience.

 We integrate Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish and Myofascial Massage to work out tight muscles, adhesive connective tissue, trigger points and fascial issues.  

We take our time to understand what you really need from your massage then determine the best course of action to help you feel your best!

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Massage by Appointment Only

Massage Establishment #MM36957

Debra Specht, LMT #MA86858

Phone:  941-681-0039


Dreamscape Massage LLC

1540 S McCall Rd, Englewood, Florida 34223, United States

(941) 681-0039




Massage is by Appointment Only

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About Us

Dreamscape Massage LLC

Owned and Operated by Debra Specht, LMT MA#86858

Establishment License #MM36957  

Therapeutic  * Relaxation * Swedish * Deep Tissue * Myofascial * Massage Cupping * Aromatherapy * Hot Stone * Integrative 

Training & Experience

Oregon School of Massage, Swedish, Graduated 11/2008

Eastern and Western Massage Cupping Therapy 

Contemporary Massage Cupping

Medical Massage Certification 

Deep Tissue 

Myofascial Massage

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy 


Chair Massage

10 Years of Massage Experience

Massage Styles

Our Therapeutic Massage focuses on reducing muscle tension and pain issues. Our goal is to assist your body to heal itself naturally.  We use a variety of techniques to resolve physical issues such as tight muscles, fascial adhesions, soft tissue and painful muscles and joints.

A Swedish Massage can soothe a stressed body, mind and spirit with sweeping soothing massage.  This type of massage causes deep full body relaxation.  This massage also includes neck, facial and scalp massage.

Aromatherapy Massage is soothing and refreshing. We use a special blend of 8 essentiail oils to stimulate the immune system, balance body systemsa nd to eliminate sore and tired muscles.  This is a fabulous gift or indulgence for yourself.  Essential Oils have a direct impact on the olfactory system, scientifically proven to improve mood and body function.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a massage where heated stones are primarily used to perform the massage.  The stones are oiled then applied to the body with  sweeping hand movements to relax tired and overworked muscles.  The heat and pressure allows the body to let go and just relax.  Enjoy.